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Melamine American Kitchen
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American kitchens are very unique and distinctive. They have a comforting, warm, and welcoming feel. American Kitchen designs are flexible and can adapt to different styles like modern, classic, Scandinavian, or country.

When we think of an American kitchen, the first thing that comes to mind is the open space. but that’s not the only thing that makes the American kitchens special. They have a lot more advantages, and here are the best 6 things about American kitchens in the opinion of the best kitchen manufacturers in Egypt


1- American Kitchens have an Open Plan


We all know that American Kitchens are always open, but they can also have no separating walls at all between them and the living room or the dining room, which offers a great way for practicality. Less walls means better use of space. Open plans also means better air flow and lightening coming into the kitchen.


Open kitchen



2- American Kitchen Designs usually have an Island with Seats or a Dining Area


This allows you to perform multiple tasks in the same area. In addition to cooking and dining, you can also work or simply relax in the dining area.

Open plan American Kitchen


Classic American Kitchen with seats and diner



3- American Kitchens have Large Cabinets

One of the best things about American Kitchen designs is that they offer large storage cabinets.

Modern American kitchen with oak veneer
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4 American Kitchens look great in Modern Colors

Although this kitchen has a classic design, it definitely rocks this mint color that goes perfectly with the stainless steel appliances.

Classic American Kitchen


5- Classic American Kitchens have beautiful Framed Cabinets

Here’s another classic American kitchen with perfect framed cabinets. This kitchen also has a beautiful combination of the blue color and the stainless steel appliances.


Classic blue American Kitchen


6- Classic American Kitchens have Stylish knobs and Hinges

This Rustic class kitchen has beautiful knobs and hinges that goes perfectly with the natural wood look of the kitchen.

Rustic American kitchen design


All the pictures in this article are of kitchens designed and manufactured by La Stanza. For more classic and modern American kitchen designs, please check out our  Modern and Classic  kitchens’ collections.

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