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A kitchen island is considered a beautiful centerpiece for your kitchen. It not only adds an aesthetic value, but it also offers a lot of functionality that we all need.

If you have enough space in your kitchen and thinking about having an island, take a look at these 5 benefits of having a kitchen island.

kitchen island



Kitchen island

1- An Island provides additional Storage Space:

Who can’t use added storage units in a kitchen? if you design the island with cabinets, drawers, and shelves it gives you extra bottom cabinets that are easier to access than the top units.


Kitchen Island cabinets and drawers

2- A Kitchen Island is a Separate Work Top:

An island gives you an additional space to cut and prepare food. One super functional idea  is to add a movable cutting board on the countertop with the trash bin underneath. This way, it will be easy for you to cut and prepare food and then throw the waste down the bin and get rid of the mess instantly. This will also keep the trash bin in a separate place away from other cabinets and kitchen units.

Black kitchen island with movable cutting board


MDF Black kitchen with cabinet for trash bin







3- Islands can serve as an Eating Table or a little Dining Area: 

This would be great for socializing during parties. We all love to have a little chat while preparing coffee or food when we  have people over. It is also perfect for kids, they can have their meals inside the kitchen to avoid messing up other rooms in the house, or finish their homework while in close eye view.






Kitchen island and dining area




kitchen dining area



Oak kitchen with island and seats



4- An Island provides more potential for Displays:

Kitchenware is always beautiful and great to show off. If you like to use your kitchen sets, tea pots, or China for decoration, an island will help with that.


kitchen unit with glass display



glass kitchen unit

5- You get to Add  Kitchen Amenities to your Island:

Electricity, gas, and plumbing can be hooked up to a kitchen island, which means that you can have a secondary sink, a mini bar, or even a stove top on your island.


kitchen island with cabinet

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